GEN-GOB members attended the Save Posidonia Forum on October 13, showing some of the results obtained during the development of the project of marine governance, “The Sea, a shared responsibility”

On October 13th, the Save Posidonia Forum was held in Formentera, with the aim of raising awareness at national and international level, of the importance of taking actions aimed at conserving the oceanic posidonia prairies.

The forum featured lectures and roundtables in which scientists, NGOs, government, and the private sector participated. This forum treated important topics such as tourism development, the appropriate use of natural and cultural resources, the economic balance and the improvement of the quality of life of the local communities.

GEN-GOB participated in the presentations focused on the environment, explaining the objective of the marine governance project “The Sea, a shared responsibility”. The results of last study of the impact of yacht anchoring, in Posidonia oceanica meadows in the Natural Park of SES Salines, were presented at the forum. Also, GEN-GOB participated in the roundtable with experts from NGOs, scientists, government and the private sector. The table discussed the urgency to take action to preserve the Posidonia oceanica.

The Sea, a shared responsibility, is a project of marine governance that  GEN-GOB has been developing since 2013 with the support of the Ibiza Preservation Fund, and Adessium Foundation. The objective is to involve all the stakeholders related to the marine environment, to work together in the conservation and management of coastal and marine ecosystems.